They Come From All Walks of Life…

All across the ‘Land of A Thousand Rivers’ talented young men and women are hearing whispers in their dreams. Some hear promises of power, wealth, and influence. Others hear the cries of the downtrodden and the powerless.

The whispers are distant, but one part of the message is clear: seek out the ancient monastery on Mt. Iulasa. Only there can they begin to fulfill your destiny.

Campaign Parameters

  • Starting Level will be low to moderate, likely somewhere in the 3 to 5 range.
  • High lethality, high reward, fast advancement.
  • Subplots for all types of characters; combat, social, stealth, and casters.
  • High and low fantasy elements.
  • As of right now I’m shooting for a start in the late summer or early fall.

GM Note: This will be my first attempt at a Pathfinder campaign in this campaign setting.

Whispers of the Forgotten Gods - Haizea